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In a very good location in the city center. Facade and fully renovated 3rd floor professional space of 25 sq.m. It has autonomous heating (Fan coil), air conditioning, elevator.
Code : 4478
Price: 350 €
Excellent second floor office of 80 sq.m, in excellent condition. Landscaped in three spaces, its own wc, and beautiful sea views.
Code : 4459
Price: 650 €
In the center of the city, office of 50 sq.m 4th floor, ready to use. It has a wc and a balcony.
Code : 4452
Price: 350 €
for rent, one room office of 45 sq.m, in very good condition. It has a wc.
Code : 4451
Price: 350 €
Third floor office of 45 sqm, formed in two spaces. It has wc. Ideal for law office. Can be given furnished, with a slight adjustment to the rental price.
Code : 4425
Price: 400 €
Excellent construction of 70 sq.m office, 1st floor. Fully furnished and landscaped in three large spaces. It has a small kitchenette, central heating, air-conditioning, terraces, elevator. With wonderful sea view.
Code : 4400
Price: 700 €
Ground floor office of 115 sq.m, with exterior space 40 sq.m.
Code : 4399
Price: 400 €
For rent, airy, recently renovated semi-basement office space, of 66 sq.m. It has many lockers, storage, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Suitable for office, medical office, hairdressing salon, beauty salon, art ...
Code : 4395
Price: 500 €
For rent, elevated office 63 sq.m configured in three spaces, ready to use. Ideal for rendering of services.
Code : 4383
Price: 300 €
Excellent 1st floor office of 70 sq.m configured in three spaces,and has a bathroom. Ideal for a law firm.
Code : 4376
Price: 400 €
Excellent first floor office of 145 sq.m with great commercial projection. Is configured into six spaces, and has an elevator, air conditioning, bathroom and wc. Few sharing.
Code : 4354
Price: 1.100 €
for rent, two-room office ready for use, 3rd floor 49 sq.m, in a very central location of the city. It has its own wc, a/c and elevator. Ideal for lawyers.
Code : 4276
Price: 350 €
In Ikarou Str. First floor 65 sq.m front office, landscaped in three rooms with its own bathroom.
Code : 4242
Price: 350 €
Business ground floor space on the 1878 Pedestrian Street, 63 square meters with terrace. The space needs renovation, which can be done in consultation with the owner, and offsets rents.
Code : 4239
Price: 400 €
In central point of the city. Fully renovated and well-designed professional office space, 1st floor 130 sq.m with wc.
Code : 4231
Price: 1.200 €
Fully renovated office, formed in three rooms, 1st floor 60 sq.m with wc, in a very central point of the city.
Code : 4230
Price: 650 €
Elevated ground floor office with commercial projection, ready to use, 33 sq.m. Features a wc.
Code : 4227
Price: 270 €
Ground floor space of 300 sq.m with a school license, in excellent condition. It has configured offices, fully electrical installations and fiber optic internet.
Code : 4002
Price: 1.600 €
Office in excellent condition on the 2nd floor of 140 sq.m, divided into 4 offices, with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, air conditioning.
Code : 3979
Price: 700 €
Ground floor 300 sq.m. with basement of 150 sq.m. with a school license, with offices and fully electrical installations and fiber optic internet, in excellent condition.
Code : 3978
Price: 1.800 €

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