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Ground floor one room office of 32 sq.m, with view and greenery on the main road. It has a toilet and a shared underground storage.
Code : 4568
Price: 300 €
Near Daskalogianni Square. 4th floor office of 35 sq.m. It has its own wc, elevator, and balcony.
Code : 4549
Price: 450 €
For rent, fully renovated first floor commercial space, 60 sq.m, with separate entrance. It has two office spaces, a bathroom, a/c, and a balcony on the main street.
Code : 4547
Price: 420 €
On the main pedestrian street. Two-room, renovated 1st floor office, 35 sq.m. It has elevator and shared wc with another office.
Code : 4541
Price: 300 €
Near Kanourgia Porta. For rent, one room fourth floor office of 32 sq.m, and frontage on a main road. It has elevator, air conditioning, balcony.
Code : 4540
Price: 220 €
On a central pedestrian street. First floor office of 66 sq.m, formed in two office spaces, kitchen, wc and balcony with view to the pedestrian street. It has aluminum windows.
Code : 4536
Price: 550 €
Corner, commercial office space, of 82 sq.m 1st floor, with large commercial view. Configured in four office spaces, reception area, kitchen, bathroom, and veranda of 50 sq.m. No sharing.
Code : 4524
Price: 650 €
for rent, 4th floor office space of 46 sq.m, in excellent condition. It offers elevator, its own wc, spacious balcony, and views of the square.
Code : 4516
Price: 420 €
for rent, two-room office of 32 sq.m, in excellent condition. It has elevator, its own wc and a small balcony.
Code : 4515
Price: 250 €
Professional space on the 1st floor neoclassical building, 150 sq.m, in excellent condition. It has autonomous heating, elevator and is configured in 6 spaces. Available from 1st March 2020.
Code : 4512
Price: 1.400 €
In a privileged location, professional 1st floor area of 100 sq.m. Landscaped in four main areas, waiting area, and wc. Ideal for any use. It is also given for health regulated ...
Code : 4504
Price: 1.000 €
In the city center, 2nd floor office of 28 sq.m. It offers a separate lounge and is partially furnished. It has a/c and two WCs, one staff and the second shared ...
Code : 4501
Price: 300 €
Second floor office of 10 sq.m. It has its own WC, balcony on a very central pedestrian street, air condition and electricity meter. Also available with furniture.
Code : 4496
Price: 250 €
for rent first floor office of 10 sq.m, with shared wc and electricity meter.
Code : 4495
Price: 150 €
In a commercial street office spaces of 2nd and 3rd floor, 107 sqm each, with large commercial view. It has no elevator.
Code : 4488
Price: 1.000 €
In the central and commercial street of the city, corner office space of 107 sqm office, with large commercial view. It has no elevator. Available from 1st of March 2020.
Code : 4487
Price: 550 €
In the center, corner office space 107 sqm 3rd floor. Suitable for offices, with high commercial visibility. It has no elevator.
Code : 4486
Price: 500 €
In a very good location in the city center. Facade and fully renovated 3rd floor professional space of 25 sq.m. It has autonomous heating (Fan coil), air conditioning, elevator.
Code : 4478
Price: 350 €
Excellent second floor office of 80 sq.m, in excellent condition. Landscaped in three spaces, its own wc, and beautiful sea views.
Code : 4459
Price: 650 €
In the center of the city, office of 50 sq.m 4th floor, ready to use. It has a wc and a balcony.
Code : 4452
Price: 300 €

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