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For rent, 1st floor commercial space of 115 square meters. Configured in five main areas, with WC, elevator, and a parking spot. It is given for any use.
Code : 5408
Price: 500 €
Internal office on the 1st floor of about 20 sq.m., in excellent condition. It has a shared WC.
Code : 5393
Price: 220 €
In a central part of the city. Two-room office on the 4th floor of 45 sq.m, in excellent condition. It has an elevator, two balconies, its own toilet and PPC. Available ...
Code : 5366
Price: 450 €
Newly built 2nd floor office of 75 sq.m., in a professional office space. It has security doors, central cooling and heating system (heat pump), alarm system infrastructure, comfortable terrace, disabled ...
Code : 5353
Price: 550 €
Two ground floor offices of 20 sq.m. each, with its own WC each. Energy class H.
Code : 5351
Price: 250 €
Office space on the 1st floor of 100 sq.m. with commercial projection and configured in four spaces. It has a WC and a kitchen.
Code : 5279
Price: 500 €
August 25th. 1st and 4th floor offices, in good condition, 35 sq.m. with great projection and elevator.
Code : 5234
Price: 270 €
In the city center. Two-room office on the 1st floor, approximately 35 sq.m, with WC, in good condition. Energy class E.
Code : 5227
Price: 250 €
For rent, 1st floor office of 23 sq.m. Quite bright, with shared WC. It has an elevator.
Code : 5126
Price: 220 €
Professional space with a total area of 385 sq.m. on the 1st floor. Ideal for companies with large building needs. (the space is under completion - possibility to configure according to ...
Code : 5113
Price: 3.800 €
Commercial space with a total area of 745 sq.m. It has a basement of 230 sq.m., ground floor 220 sq.m., mezzanine 140 sq.m., first floor 385 sq.m. Ideal for companies with ...
Code : 5112
Price: 7.600 €
In good condition, small one-room office of 20 sq.m. on the 2nd floor, in the city center. It has a shared toilet with two other offices.
Code : 5109
Price: 200 €
In the city center. Professional single space of 100 sq.m on the 2nd floor, in very good condition. It has an elevator and wc. Ideal for any use.
Code : 5049
Price: 1.500 €
Small office 16 sq.m. 1st floor, with large windows and shared toilet. Price 170 euros.
Code : 4872
Price: 170 €
First rent. Two-room, new 1st floor office, luxury construction, 35 sq.m. It has air conditioning cooling-heating, bathroom, and terrace, security door.
Code : 4767
Price: 400 €
In the center of the city, 1st floor office of 68 sq.m. It has an elevator, kitchenette and wc.
Code : 4693
Price: 800 €
Ground floor corner office 92 sq.m. It has two lofts, wc, and is quite bright. Ideal for a workshop.
Code : 4690
Price: 500 €
for rent, 1st floor office of 15 sq.m. Pretty bright with shared wc.
Code : 4664
Price: 140 €
Ground floor one room office of 32 sq.m, with view and greenery on the main road. It has a toilet and a shared underground storage.
Code : 4568
Price: 300 €
Near Kanourgia Porta. For rent, one room fourth floor office of 32 sq.m, and frontage on a main road. It has elevator, air conditioning, balcony.
Code : 4540
Price: 220 €

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