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For sale, detached house of 64 sq.m on a plot of 88 sq.m, with yard in front and back. Available from September 1st for appointments.
Code : 4699
Price: 55.000 €
Semi-autonomous small country house of about 25 sq.m, with the rest of the building. The property is located inside a settlement, very close to the sea. For the area enthusiasts.
Code : 4674
Price: 30.000 €
Semi-autonomous house of 80 sq.m. on an indivisible plot of 350 sq.m. The property is stone-built, built in 1920, in excellent condition with the specifications of reconstruction and creation of a ...
Code : 4673
Price: 70.000 €
For sale a stone-built house, on a plot of 75 sq.m., consisting of two independent apartments, ground floor and 1st floor 58 sq.m. each, with external staircase.
Code : 4649
Price: 100.000 €
Detached house of 128 sq.m on three levels and on a plot of 49 sq.m, built in 1965. It consists of ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor.
Code : 4598
Price: 120.000 €
In Ano Archanes, in one of the picturesque streets of the village, this old, wonderful mansion with the architecture of the last century is for sale. The house is located on ...
Code : 4584
Price: 300.000 €
Inside the city's historic area. Stone-built, listed building of 65 sq.m. The property needs renovation and renovation to become operational. Ideal for business use and short-term rental property.
Code : 4534
Price: 60.000 €
Opportunity. In Archanes, in the village, comfortable house of 150 sq.m. on a plot of 124 sq.m approximately, with solar water heater and autonomous heating. It has plenty of space. Ideal ...
Code : 4508
Price: 60.000 €
Detached house of 120 sq.m on a plot of 600 sq.m with a basement cellar, storage in the back yard and traditional oven (total of 120 sq.m). Half the house (with ...
Code : 4465
On a plot of 500 sq.m, newly built modern house of 190 sq.m formed on two levels. The house has a large open plan living-dining-kitchen area, three spacious bedrooms, a fireplace, ...
Code : 4462
Price: 500.000 €
Farm. A special property for special people. In an area of ​​10200 sqm with olive trees, vineyards, fruit trees, vegetable garden, a wide variety of flowers and pets, we find a ...
Code : 4461
Price: 350.000 €
Newly built detached house of 200 sqm, on a plot of 800 sqm in Kalo Chorio. The property is formed on three levels. It has an open plan kitchen - living ...
Code : 4460
Price: 360.000 €
Stone-built detached house of 200 sq.m on a plot of 600 sq.m. It has a separate building-warehouse of 10 sqm, ground floor and 1st floor, 40 meters frontage on the road, ...
Code : 4446
for sale, abandoned detached house of 80 sq.m on a similar plot in the village square. Ideal for restoration and creation of a beautiful village house for permanent residence or leasing.
Code : 4420
Price: 28.000 €
Close to St. John's Church. Detached house-maisonette 180 sqm, on a plot of 150 sq.m. Part of the house is stone built and the rest was built in 2000. It has ...
Code : 4397
Price: 300.000 €
Very beautiful 45 sq.m village house, on a plot of 200 sq.m. The house was built in 2000. It has a single ground floor space, a shower, a bathroom, auxiliary spaces, ...
Code : 4394
Price: 80.000 €
for sale two stone-built maisonettes in the village, of 80 and 85 sq.m each . The plot of each maisonette is 45 sq.m. The buildings are from 1920. They need renovation ...
Code : 4331
On a plot of 300 sqm, a detached 200 sqm detached in seven small furnished apartments. It has a large courtyard with landscaped garden. The property is ideal for personnel in ...
Code : 4289
Price: 130.000 €
For sale 2 luxurious, fully equipped detached houses on a plot of 5 acres. Each one offers a combined kitchen-living room with fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. They have internal stairs ...
Code : 4284
Price: 1.350.000 €
This property is situated in an area of unique natural beauty, consisting of two separate stone-built detached houses of remarkable architectural design. The plot is 2008 sqm and all the exterior ...
Code : 4121
Price: 600.000 €

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